I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Caltech, supervised by Prof. Changhuei Yang. My current research interests include:

(a) Computational microscopy with model-based or learning-assisted methods;
(b) Label-free microscopy, particularly phase imaging, in clinical and biological applications;
(c) Vision-based deep learning methods for digital pathology.

My aspiration is to become an engineer-scientist who advances scientific discovery through innovative engineering designs.

02/14/2023 - I passed by candidacy exam!
11/21/2023 - My personal homepage is online!
06/30/2021 - I joined Caltech Biophotonics Lab!

Selected Publications
Full publication list here

FPM-INR: Fourier ptychographic microscopy image stack reconstruction using implicit neural representations
Haowen Zhou*, Brandon Y. Feng*, Haiyun Guo, Siyu Lin, Mingshu Liang, Christopher A. Metzler, Changhuei Yang
Optica, 2023     (BibTex)     [Project Page]     {Data}
Fourier ptychographic microscope images the biological samples with high-resolution and large field-of-view simultaneously. However, this microscope faces challenges with long image stack reconstruction time and huge data volumes. The authors designed physics-based neural signal representations to tackle these challenges and showed potential in facilitating remote diagnosis, digital pathology, and efficient clinical data packaging.

Caltech EE151 - Electromagnetic Engineering (TA for Spring 2023)

Foundations of circuit theory-electric fields, magnetic fields, transmission lines, and Maxwell's equations, with engineering applications.